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Moving away from your home is such a dramatic change that can be an emotional strain on the entire family. Receiving the care you deserve in the comfort of your own home is truly the best care.
Ask yourself, where would you most want to live?
Most of us find comfort living in a familiar place. Home is a world that we know and can control. Being able to live life on your schedule, to eat food you want when you want is a blessing. We will make it happen because the only schedule that matters is yours.
When your needs change, so do our services.
Flexibility is another huge benefit of working with Primus Home Care. We know that a client’s needs change frequently. Our personalized and adaptive services will accommodate your changing needs.
Once a stressful time can become quality family time.
The realities of taking care of a family member can, particularly over time, become stressful and unhealthy. We take care of the day-to-day challenges so that the time the family spends together can be quality and meaningful time.


Selecting a right homecare provider is a difficult choice.

For more information about how Primus can be of service to you, please contact us. You are always welcome at Primus.

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