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"Erica from Primus Home Care, is the perfect addition to any family for the care of a loving senior at home. She is compassionate and patient while taking care of my grandmother. I work  two full time job, making it hard  to be flexible with time. But Erica would show up promptly each morning to take over the care of my grandmother. Erica also knows how to keep a household running.  Making sure my grandmother would eat and also kept things clean and tidy including basic household work. Erica always listens to my grandmother when she needs to rehash her life stories. With proper manners and professionalism, I more than happy with  the service we get for our grandmother. I would highly recommend Erica to anyone who needs care for their love one. She is prompt, reliable and most of all trustworthy and honest."

- Jong H.
"I am a physician and I see caregivers working with clients everyday in the office. There are some interactions that are less than pleasant. When my brother, who was severely autistic with very limited communication skills, became suddenly ill and needed a caretaker, I was very concerned. The caregiver that we used through Primus Home Care was fantastic. She was on time, professional and warm and made my brother extremely comfortable. The staff at Primus Home Care was easy to work with and helped me in so many ways during this really painful time. I can't recommend them enough or thank them enough."

- Anita
"For a couple of months after my father's discharge from rehab, we have gone thru 3 different agencies and two private caregivers. We are finally settled in with Primus because of the great support system that Primus has. John is very professional and compassionate, and he is PROMPT to return my call. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was to my difficult father's taste. Our caregiver, Brian, was chosen by John because he share the same military background as my father, which I think was an excellent call. I would definitely recommend Primus to anyone who needs support like my father do."
- LydiaG1
"I cannot say enough or express how grateful I am to have found Primus Home Care for the care of my dear parents. It has been an extremely dramatic experience but we had very professional and personable help from Primus Home Care."

- Mike Vigge
"Primus Home Care is simply fantastic. I worked with another agency that was not responsive, and then threatened to report me to social services when I did not immediately agree to 24/7 services for my mother. I turned to Primus then and they are providing the 24/7 services. They oversee everything and are always available. When I call with a problem or question, they either have an answer or find one. They supervise their caregiver closely; when there is a problem, they are proactive in finding a better match. The caregiver we have now, Jamie, is wonderful. John, who I believe is the owner of the company, will ease the difficulties of caring for an elderly parent, especially from a distance."
- Zach S.
"Like anyone else, I headed straight to hospital when my uncle got hurt or sick. Hospitals having to care for so many people and wait times, it was hard. It was even tougher when I was out of town. I've always felt sorry to my uncle since I couldn't be there for him, when he needed me the most. While trying to find alternative ways to take care of my uncle, I found this home healthcare service called, 'Primus.' I was skeptical at first since it's not me who's taking care of it, it's a 'service.' 

I've met John, manager of Primus, and Diane, the care giver, to discuss how my uncle will be taken care of... It looked simple on paper, but the 'real' services that they provide, it was better than expected. I couldn't tell the difference at first but a week or two later, I saw it. My uncle's got healthier and happier. What I wanted for my uncle, Diane and Primus team took care of it. I'm looking forward to how well my uncle will be.

I'll write more later..."
- Joe S.
"I had no clue about home care services until recently. My aunt needed a caregiver and contacted around but many providers weren't easy to follow up with. I had to step in and tried to help her. I too contacted many agencies, but felt that Primus Home Care Solutions truly showed genuine interests in my aunt's well-being and seemed very knowledgeable. Nina(care-giver) from Primus is now taking care of my aunt. She makes my aunt comfortable and knows exactly what my aunt needs. She also keeps all care notes and let me know if there is any issue.  I know that my aunt is in good hands when Nina is around."
- Scott K
"We haven't had any problems with Primus Home Care. Our experience with them has been very pleasant. The caregiver is punctual and caring. She is a wonderful caregiver for my mom. The management is very responsive and great at what they do. I highly recommend their services."
- Tim Harris
"Thank you very much for picking up the phone on labor day when no one else will!!! Great customer service, and a great caregiver. I highly recommed Primus."
- Caring100685250
"Living on the East Coast, it was impossible to watch over and care for my aging mom who lives in Chicago. After investigating various home care agencies, I decided to give "Primus Home Care" a call. Mr. Ham was very helpful and understanding to my needs. After interviewing 3 more agencies to make sure, I felt Primus was the right agency to watch over, be a caregiver and a companion to my mom. I have never regretted it one moment. Primus Home Care has returned dignity to my mom and peace of mind to me. Thank you."
- Ryan89
"I am a 65 years old man with serious diabetes. With a couple of amputated toes and declining health, I needed a person to help me around the house and some house chores. I fell that Nina with Primus Home Care is nothing less than a Godsend. With her help, now I eat healthy, take medications on time, stay clean, and live in a clean environment. I recommend Primus Home Care to all my friends."
- Jeff27
"A caregiver from Primus Home Care takes care of my mom while I am at work. The caregiver makes my mom comfortable and knows exactly what needs to be done. She keeps all care notes for my mom. I am happy that I can focus at my work worry-free because I know that my mom is in good hands."
- C.A.
"My dad wasn’t comfortable with female caring for him. I contacted several home care services, but did not have much luck. Primus home care was able to provide male caregiver right away who is easy going yet dedicated. My dad is happy that Nick helps him with other things that female caregivers could not do previously (don’t get me wrong, my dad weighs about 250 lbs. The other female caregiver had hard time helping him get in his wheelchair and etc.) My dad tells me that Nick is a good cook, too. My dad and I are satisfied with help from this home service agency."
- nstenson
"I hired Primus home care for my mom. Sara (caregiver) comes 3 days a week for my mom and she quickly established great relationship with mom and my family. Sara comes on time and provides great companionship. Exactly the way I pictured how professional caregiver should be. I will definitely recommend Primus home care!!"
- Rachel F.
"My mother needed a companion because she had difficulty moving around while I and my wife were at work. I was referred to Primus by one of my co-workers who strongly recommended them. The mother being my picky mother did not like the first caregiver. I called their office, and the Agency manager asked if I was available in an hour and showed up on time. He had a pretty good interview tactics and was able to find out that my mother wanted someone who can genuinly enjoy shopping with her. lol. She would not tell me this. The very next day, the manager showed up with a caregiver, Ashley, in her mid-30s with very pleasant manners. My mother's routine is to have some chatting time with Ashley in the morning, to watch TV or read books while Ashley cooks and cleans, to have lunch with Ashley (she said Ashley's pasta is out of this world :), and to go SHOPPING in her lovely walker:P Oh, she also talks about Ashley in the dinner table every single day!!! I would give 5 stars, but we had to change a caregiver in the beginning so Primus gets a 4 star from me. I would highly recommend Primus just as my co-worker did to me."
- Kim W.
"I have worked with Primus Home Care for over 2 years. The management team cares about people they work with. We were like a big family. I have worked as a senior caregiver for over 9 years; this is the nicest place I ever worked as a caregiver. Sadly, I had to move out of town. I would definitely recommend Primus Home Care for both client and caregivers."
- Linda G.
"Primus Home Care staff showed up for initial consultation for my mom. The person was very polite and asked all the right questions for my mom's care needs. Then he made some suggestions and came up with the plan for her care. The schedule was made to fit our schedule, very impressed with detailed plan. Their supervisory visit is a great way to ensure the quality of service in my opinion. My mom is under the care of Primus Home Care for last 5 months, we have no complaints so far. Nice people to work with."
- Don K.


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